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#Awesome Blogger Award

#Awesome Blogger Award - What's That Then?

So I’ll openly admit I’d never heard of this one before – until Bella Wanana surprised me with it! Turns out it’s a great way to both recognise & get to know bloggers better. So thanks Bella!!

The basic idea seems to be you answer the questions posed by the person who nominated you – and then set some questions of your own and pass the baton on.

So here goes – answers to Bella’s ten questions coming up right now…

1. Why Did You Start Blogging?

This one’s pretty easy for me. I’ve long been a fan of helping others, enjoying mentoring junior employees and volunteering my time on line to listen and help with people’s problems.

Having achieved FIRE at 43, a couple of years ago now, I had both the time and the motivation to try and help a wider audience. By sharing our journey, both the ups and the downs, I hope to show it is both possible for “normal” people and help others through what can be a difficult but worthwhile journey.

2. What Is One Piece Of Advice You'd Give To Your Audience

This one is harder in keeping it only to one! But if I had to pick anything, it wouldn’t actually be anything financial. Finances to me are the ‘how’ you achieve FIRE – not the ‘why’. You need to get your motivation right upfront. Then you can work out how to do it. Otherwise it’s like being on a diet with no idea why you are doing it- which is guaranteed to fail as soon as things get tough. 

Get your motivation right and the financial plans and habits will be so much easier. FIRE is a journey and you need to enjoy your life both before and after. If you understand your motivation then you’ll be able to set the right pace for you.

3. What Is The One Blog Post You Are Most Proud Of?

Since I’m so new to the blogging world, this one is a lot easier for me since I don’t have that many posts completed yet! But I can already tell I’m pleased with how my “Playing The FIRE Triangle” mini-series turned out. 

Each part covers a different angle of working out your own FIRE path, using real-life examples from our own experience of retiring early. The whole thing ended up way longer than I expected but it was the only way get enough detail into each step to (hopefully) help others on their own way. 

4. Who Has Influenced You The Most On Your Personal Finance Journey?

Interesting question this one. Neither S or I are easily influenced – it’s one of the things that has helped us no end when avoiding lifestyle inflation creep and the like. 

So the most honest answer would be each other. I think it’s a tough enough thing to do anyway, gain your financial freedom. Trying to do it without being agreed on what mattered the most to both of us would have been near impossible I think.

If you’re a team, be a team. Obviously we have differences of opinions but you work through them and understand why. It’s handy as we often take it turns to be “the sensible one” or the “risk taker”, depending on the situation. So it’s not all good cop/bad cop!

5. Who Is Your Favourite Personal Finance Blogger / YouTuber?

So I really wanted to put Tim Urban of WaitButWhy here. He is my absolute most favourite blogger and you could just about argue that a lot of his posts are fundamental to the emotional journey of FIRE.

But to answer the question properly with a PF blogger – I’d have to say LivingaFI. His Dr Doom posts were just the perfect combination of reality, humour and experience that kept me going on my own journey. I was really sad when he wrote his last post even if it was a happy ending for him. I’d still recommend it now to anyone who wants to binge read their way through.

6. If You Could Have One Super Power What Would It Be?

This question made me laugh as I had literally just finished writing my own ‘Five FIRE Super Powers’ post this week! 

But if I were to be offered a real super power, it would probably have to be teleportation. I’m a huge fan of travel, it’s something I just believe teaches you so much in a short space of time as you see how different it can be around the world. Getting to understand other perspectives.

So being able to instantly go somewhere – and especially without the carbon impact – that would be pretty awesome! Or you know, obviously world peace if that’s a super power.

7. What Is One Thing You Feel Most Grateful For In Your Life?

So the easy answer here is the health and love of S, my family and my friends. Hands down the most valuable things in my life.

But in the interests of something a little less obvious – I’d have to say my curiosity.  It’s gotten me into so many fine adventures over the year and means I’m always looking to learn more, to understand others. I couldn’t imagine being me without it.

8. What Is One Good Habit Of Yours That You Are Most Proud Of?

Hmm. Trickier this one. Again the simple answer is probably my exercise regime, as I’m not a natural athlete by any stretch.

But I’d probably really say my best habit is I don’t judge other people. I’m a big believer in that there is rarely a right/wrong answer – most things have a certain level of grey about them. The more you can understand both sides, the more you grow yourself. Mark Manson’s blog does a great job at explaining this one too.

9. What Is Your Favourite Snack?

Did I mention you both love food? My favourite snack in the world is tapas. Which I know is a cheat answer but it’s also the truth. Though handily chorizo & scallops are also two other awesome treats. Otherwise anything freshly baked, especially bread with real butter….hungry now..

Unsurprisingly Granada is one of my favourite cities ever – there’s nothing better than just grazing from one tiny bar to the next in the evening, not knowing what tapas treat will turn up to accompany your beer or wine. Salut!

10. If You Could Have Lunch With One Person, Dead Or Alive, Who Would It Be?

This question genuinely stumped me. I’m not a big fan of celebrities or politicians and the like. I mean, I’d say with S but then I do that all the time and that’s not really the point of this question.

So I guess if pushed I’d go for someone like Leonardo Da Vinci. I have a big interest in tech, green energy, the future in general and I’d love to pick his brains how he would see it now given his amazingly inventive mind.  There’s just something about people who create rather than copy. Plus it’d mean I’d get to eat some delicious Italian food!

That's Enough About Me - Over To You!

So that’s Bella Wanana’s questions answered! I hope you enjoyed it as something different for sure.

Now as I understand the #AwesomeBloggerAward  the next step is I pick ten new questions and pass the challenge/award onwards. So here goes – my ten questions;

Blogger Award

And that’s it! Spreading the fun around the globe & handing over to the six lucky bloggers below;

1. LateFIREStarter  ( Aus)

2. SideHustleRich  (Singapore)

3.PlayingWithFIRE ( UK )

4. Gentleman’s Family Finances (UK)

5. A Dime Saved (US)

6. One Million And Beyond (Canada)

Let me know when you’ve had a chance to accept your award and I’ll link your answers in here! 

Then just pass it on to the next lucky bloggers – and let them know!!

Cheers All….And She Exit’s Stage Left….

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  3. Gosh, what an honour! Never been nominated for anything in my life 🙂 Challenge accepted!

    Great questions, Bella Wanana! Love your answers especially the tapas. I have been thinking about San Sebastian lately, missing my travels 🙁

    I love that you’re sharing from ‘the other side’ as most bloggers stop writing after they achieve FIRE – looking forward to reading more of your excellent posts.

    1. Awh – means a lot coming from another awesome blogger! You more than deserve the nomination & I’m already looking forwards to reading your answers.

      Yeah – it’s been very odd re travel as we’d usually be sorting out our plans for Sept/Oct/Nov about now. Still hoping to do some kind of slow travel round Spain/Maderia but will see how it all looks in a few weeks time. Tapas is the best eh!

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