Choose Your Own Path

When growing up surrounded by strong cultural influences, it’s all too easy to simply follow the well-trodden highway of life

But is that really what you want? If you stop and think about it – what does your ideal life actually really look like? 

Whilst trying not to sound too cheesy about it all – you do have choices and they are yours to take, no-one else’s

Working out what you want is the first step to making it happen

Heading Off Along The Quilatoa Loop Path, Ecuador
FIRE Balance Money Time Life

The Triangle Of FIRE

Time and money are (hopefully!) well-covered topics in any self-respecting FIRE blog but they aren’t the end of the story

The ‘scope’, or more simply, ‘the stuff you want’  in your life is the third major player in the ‘FIRE triangle’

Understanding how these three elements interact with each other is what lets you determine your own way of living

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Living Our Balanced Lives

Our biggest driver for working out our own path to FIRE was freedom. Having enough time for the things we want to do – combined with the financial resources needed to make them happen.

Not waiting too long but saving ‘enough’ – choosing the right balance is individual for all of us. Get yours right for you.

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Beer Hike Balance Life
A Balanced Life - Chilled Beer After A Long Hike
Buying Time For Living Life