Buying Time For Living Life

Fire & Wide's Early Retirement Story

'Buying Time For Living Life'

Early retirement may sound like an impossible dream

The reality is that we all make choices every day that make a difference

This blog is all about making your financial decisions add up to living the life you want 

It’s not always easy – but then the best things never are

Living Life To The Fullest

How do I know it’s worth it? Well, I’ve done itretired early at 43 back in 2018

My hope is that by sharing stories and knowledge gained from my journey – it will help others

If I can make you laugh along the way – all the better 😉

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Everything and anything about why and how we managed to retire early.
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What exactly is being retired early actually like?
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Who Are Fire & Wide?

Growing up in a small, traditional Suffolk village in the late 70’s, I had little clue about what the wider world had to offer – but I was curious…

That same curiosity has led me on a journey way beyond that which I would have thought possible.

Through hard work and considered financial risks I retired early at 43 to live my balanced life.

Now looking to give back and help others reach theirs.

Early retirement adventure
Top Of Table Mountain, Cape Town

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